Taking measurements for women

It is important to know your measurements to ensure a good fit.

Don’t wrap the tape measure too tightly. It is good to be able to fit a finger inside tape measure. A good fit should be comfortable. Our body shapes change at different times of day and month.

Measure across the widest part across the bust point. Ensure tape measure is level front and back as the tape measure can slip down at back.

Measure across the widest part. Again ensure tape measure is level the whole way around. A good way to get the widest part is to measure around your hips then drop the tape measure down by 2cm and measure again. Keep going until you reach widest part.

Measure at narrowest part and not breathing in. Make sure it is comfortable and your body is relaxed.

Ladies' Size Guide

                   Waist              Hips                 Bust

8                65cm               90cm                82cm

10              70cm               95cm                87cm

12              75cm              100cm               92cm

14              80.5cm           105cm               97cm

Children's Sizing Guide

                  Height             Chest               Waist

1                76cm               47cm                45cm

1-1.5          83cm               49cm               48cm

1.5-2          90cm               51cm               52cm

2-3             98cm               54cm               52cm

3-4            104cm              56cm               54cm

4-5            110cm              58cm               55cm

5-6            116cm              61cm               56cm