What Shall I give Them?

Excerpt from Daily Mail 1930s 

Our Shop “Detective” helps you make out your Christmas present list – from the very latest novelties. 

For Mother – who likes entertaining
Cocktail set in red and gold lacquered glass, on a tray large enough to hold the olives and other appetisers – easy to hand round. 
A beautiful handbag in parchment leather, hand-embroidered in Chinese design.
Condiment set in pastel coloured Poole pottery.
Bow in diamanté, to be worn on the hair, dress or hat – yet another Edwardian revival. 
Necklace of wood and steel in Empire design – a successful combination of old and new.  
Cushion in glazed and quilted chintz – charming for a country house. 

For Father – who enjoys a weekend’s shooting
All weather woolly jerkin which ‘zips’ right up to the throat  - designed by a famous shot. 
Sheepksin overshoes for the long drive home. 
Waterproof ‘holdalot’ to carry sleeping kit.  Has a ‘zip’ fastener and will stand any amount of cramming. 
Wallet in leathers of various prices. Has a special attachment to defeat the pickpocket. 
Book of entertaining after-dinner stories. 

For the Son – who is a bachelor car-owner
Electric owner on rubber suction pad, to be attached to any part of the car.  Can be used for inspection, parking light, or emergency tail-lamp. 
A flexible, expanding luggage brace – saves all that strapping and is safe and strong. 
Cap and scarf set in checked tweed, warm and smart. 
Dressing-gown in the new woven stripe flannel, with plain self-coloured collar and cuffs. 
Electric plate-warmer for the bachelor flat. 

For the daughter – who appreciates a touch of chic
Set of bracelets in three tones – brown, amber, and flesh or black, smoke-grey, and white.  New enough for the ultra-smart.  Square enamel powder case that slides open at a touch.
A Tudor head-dress in unbreakable crystal and diamanté.  
Belt in green python skin with steel hooks and clasp.
Fitted leather case with lotion bottle, powder box, lipstick, cigarette case, and lighter in black and silver; has a compartment to hold pyjamas and is an ideal ‘overnight’ bag. 
Sequin necklace and bracelet of gold on silver.  Also a circular clip in pale green mirror glass and diamanté. 

For the Children – who have all the modern ideas
Modern doll’s house furniture, including kitchen cabinets, carpet-sweepers, leather armchairs, chromium fitted baths, and wardrobe trunks.  
Adorable lion cubs, sturdy carthorses and Mexican dolls. Models of famous racing cars. 
Aeroplane parts for the young mechanic to assemble. Electric speedway for dirt-track racing. 
Telephone which can be wired from room to room. 
Baby doll which arrives in an attaché case, complete with clothes, rattle, powder-puff, and sponge.  A training in efficient nursery methods!

For Aunt – who lives ‘on her own’
Hand-woven travelling rug in featherweight Galloway tweed – lovely warm colours. 
For more domestic moments – proofed satin apron and cooking sleeves in rose or blue. 
Evening cape in chené taffeta, in blue or lavender shades. 

For Uncle – who is a convivial soul
Hunting horn table lighter which gives a flame when picked up. 
Cabinet of conjuring tricks, to make a success of his Christmas party. 
Heavy ashtray of green glass – very large, practical, and inexpensive. 

For Granny – who likes something useful
Sets of tray-cloths made to fit the tea-trolley – two cloths with four napkins to match. 
Miniature carpet-sweeper, which can be used from a chair. 

For the dog – who must have a present too
Dandy brush and comb in a gay leather case, or a drinking bowl with his portrait painted on it.