Skating Improves the Figure


Excerpt from Daily Mail 1930s

Now that the ice-rinks are open for the winter, why not take up skating as an easy way to attain the fashionable figure?

During the summer I added 8lb to my weight.  But I know from past experience that I shall banish these extra pounds during the winter, while I am skating every day.  Since I first took up skating five years ago I have become not only fitter but much slimmer.

I do not recommend skating merely to reduce the weight.  The special point of skating as an exercise is that it produces that slender, yet gracefully developed outline which is demanded by the new directoire gowns which are being shown at the important dress houses just now.

It is round the waist that the skater grows slimmer.  Every skating movement tends to this result, and as you skate the flesh is actually massaged away between hips and ribs as in professionally taught exercises.

This in itself gives a more shapely figure.  In addition, skating teaches deportment, producing a grateful carriage.