By Madame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux


The dress wardrobe of an elegant woman is not necessarily very extensive.  It might, for example, be composed as follows

To wear almost all year round:

1 white wool dress (for lunch, afternoon, and informal evenings)

1 black crêpe dress (simple but very chic, for cocktails, dinner, and the theatre)

1 bright dinner dress, long or short, in a rather rich wool or silk material

Plus, in the winter:

1 wool dress in a neutral colour selected to form an elegant ensemble with her winter coat

In the spring:

1 silk dress which forms an ensemble with her spring coat

1 pretty evening dress, short or long, in a light fabric such as white or a light colour (lemon yellow, turquoise, coral, sky blue, etc.)

And in the summer:

As many washable cotton and linen dresses as her particular activities and climate may require.

Excerpt from 'A Guide to Elegance'